Sports & Football Birthday Parties in Surrey

Sports & Football Birthday Parties in Surrey
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  • 'My daughter had a great time and speaking to people today, so did all of the other children.'
  • '... they all had a thorougly good time!'
  • 'Many thanks and will no doubt be calling you again next year.'
  • '... quick responses to my emails and the service all round was exceptional.'
  • '... the coaches were brilliant with the kids.'
  • 'It was totally stress free for me.'
  • 'A party my son will never forget.'

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Athletics Party

Athletic parties are one of our most popular Olympic based sports parties. With children divided into different groups we make sure each participant gets as many turns at each event as possible.


The most important thing is fun and we hold friendly competitions in teams to promote teamwork and sportsmanship.


Listed below are some of our favourite Athletic events-


Track Events


These are events held on a tracks made from cones with separate lanes.


Hurdles- with our range of different sized hurdles, these bring a greater element of fun and makes the track more exciting for all involved. We will also teach the jumping techniques required.


Relays- our relay races are great for promoting teamwork and communication, with our batons on our marked out tracks we explain the importance of working together for the best possible results.


Sprints- all of our sprints are fun and we teach the most important 5 techniques that you need to know, to make your run as quick as possible. As always, the competitions we hold are friendly.


Throwing Events


These are events in which we have areas marked from cones to aim for, as well as a fun distance competition.


We teach the basics and allow the children to each join in the most popular Olympic throwing events including the Shotput, Discuss, Hammer and Javelin. We give each child the chance to throw all the equipment and have a fun competition to see which team can score the most!


Venue: Both the track events and the throwing events can be performed indoors or outdoors however each would require a varied amount of space depending on the event. You can discuss the space requirments beforehand with the coach.


Athletics can be a singular event party, in which all the athletic events we run will be performed, alternatively you can select your preferred events and these can be structured into your party accordingly.


To book your athletics party sports coach all you need to do is contact us via the telephone number above or send an email via the Contact page