Staines Easter Holiday Sports Courses 2013

We recently ran successful sports courses in staines during the easter break, we are also planning similar events during the next half term in may 2013, so if you are looking for some fun activities for your children during half term check back here for details or call the funsport office - 01483 270 160


As well as delivering our renowned birthday parties, Surrey Sports Parties, in conjuction with Funsport and Pleiades Leisure Limited are running a sports based holiday club at Matthew Arnold school near Staines during the easter break 2013. So if you want to have some fun in the Easter holidays, and take advantage of our multi sports easter course and activity camp, read on and download an application form.


Funsport is a friendly and well established company that aims to develop and inspire both boys and girls in a range of sports from across the globe. Our innovative programmes are unique to both very beginners and the more experienced children. We will find the correct balance for your child, allowing them to participate and develop in a number of key sports, as well as giving them the opportunity to try out new ones.

We can also keep track of your childs progress and give feedback about their strengths and interests. 




                 Soft Polo


                 Junior Croquet

                 Athletic Events






Foam Javelin

Musical Games

and more...


We deliver a range of international sports throughout the course, which gives the children many variations to try different things to help engage their interest in sports.

Funsport will cover: Athletics (track and throwing events), Hockey, Soft Polo, Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Junior Croquet, Basketball, Musical Games and more. Along with these sports we will introduce many short and snappy team building games that will allow children to work together while improving tactics, understanding and social skills, enabling them to form new friendships and develop existing ones.

The sports we cover will be delivered across each day of the course. This ensures every day remains as unique and exciting as the last, but every session will include our trademark elements of fun and excitement.

On the first day of the course we will hold a brief introduction where we will divide the children into their age groups. We take friendships and siblings into account and there will be opportunities to rotate groups. We have a lunch break each day at 12 o’clock as well as multiple opportunities for snacks such as fruit or cereal bars.


Making sport fun for everyone!


The courses will run on Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd April, Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th April at Matthew Arnold School, Kingston Road, Staines, Surrey, TW18 1PF 


Easter Holiday Sports Club download a form here